Who is Sustainable Melrose?

The Melrose Energy Commission

A group of Melrose citizens who are volunteering their time to help the city and its residents save energy. In so doing, the commission is contributing tangible and positive steps toward lessening the harmful effects of climate change.

The Melrose Recycling Committee

Provides advisory and support services to the city with the aim of reducing our waste, increasing recycling, and educating the public about the benefits of environmentally responsible waste management. 

The Friends of the Fells Middlesex Fells Reservation

Helps to protect and preserve the natural, historic, and recreational resources of the 3,400 acre Fells. Through its free hike programs, Friends of the Fells encourages visitors to enjoy the beauty of the reservation in all seasons.

Melrose Native

Advocates for sound land stewardship, the planting of gardens with an emphasis on native plants, and the identification and removal of non-native species. Grow Native MA—“every garden matters”—is a source of education and information for projects aimed at restoring and sustaining healthy ecological communities throughout the state. 

Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market

One of the longest running farmers’ markets in Massachusetts and the only real farmers’ market in Melrose. From June through October, the market provides fresh, in-season vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, bread, and food grown and produced by Massachusetts farms, bakeries, and other food producers—thus reducing the miles food must travel to reach the city and providing a more nutritious offering.

The Pedestrian and Bicycling Advisory Committee

Works throughout the city to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists and promotes alternatives to vehicle traffic as a means of transportation in Melrose.

The Melrose Conservation Commission
Responsibly manages Melrose’s conservation lands and implementing the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, the Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act, and the city of Melrose’s Wetlands Protection ordinance. 

Melrose Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee
Learn how the Committee is encouraging walking and biking in Melrose.  Learn
 about upcoming group bike rides, bike safety tips and more!

Friends of the Fells

Join the Friends of the Fells for a natural treasures scavenger hunt!

Melrose Native
Bring your gardening questions to the Master Gardeners at the Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market tent. 

Melrose Recycling Committee
Want to know more about composting? 

Stop by and see worm composting with a live worm bin on site AND enter a raffle to win a backyard compost bin!

 MRC Volunteers will also be on-site at the fair to assist attendees in sorting their waste in our effort to make this a zero-waste event.  

Melrose Energy Commission
HomeWorks Energy and the Energy Commission will be signing up residents for home energy assessments.

Help Melrose reach our Energy Challenge 2016 goal of 511 assessments by December and receive a raffle ticket for an energy efficiency basket.    
Hop on a stationary bike or turn a hand-crank and see how much energy you can produce!
TechniArt from National Grid will be selling LED lighting kits for just $10
Check out our interactive house that helps you see where you can save energy and money in your own home.

Mass Energy
In addition to greening the fair by matching the energy used at the fair with clean, local renewable wind power, Mass Energy can sign Melrose electric customers up for Melrose Premium Local Green, the 100% renewable energy option in the Melrose Community Electricity Aggregation Program.  

Come to the fair, visit with ALL our Sustainable Melrose vendors!

We are please to welcome back

Sustainable Melrose to the Healthy Melrose Family!


What is Sustainable Melrose?

Civic organizations which formed a coalition that, each in their own way, contribute to making the city more livable, environmentally sustainable, and, yes, healthy making them a great compliment and fit with our ever growing fair!

Sustainable Melrose formed in 2013, several civic organizations saw opportunity to share their special areas of knowledge, skills, and interests.

By working together under the Sustainable Melrose umbrella, these organizations are striving to raise awareness of and support for our shared community responsibilities in environmental stewardship, social well being, and economic prosperity over the long term. In collaboration with the Healthy Melrose organizers and the city, Sustainable Melrose will be taking steps to make the fair a “zero waste” and “zero carbon” event.

Bins for the proper disposal of bottles, paper, and other items will be located around the fair, and the electricity used during the event will be matched with clean and local wind power made possible by Mass Energy Consumers Alliance by matching the electricity usage with 100% clean, local wind power.  To learn more about Mass Energy’s 100% federally tax-deductible Green Power Programs and how they support the development of more clean energy projects in Massachusetts, please visit: www.massenergy.org/renewable-energy. 


Sustainable Melrose will be sponsoring several activities through the day!

See below for details! 

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